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Camera buggy chooses India's best fielder

Who's the winner?

India are enjoying a dream run in this World Cup, but perhaps more than the emphatic wins, what the players are relishing is getting the best fielder medal, a dressing-room award given by their fielding coach, T Dilip. He has announced the winners in a creative fashion and it was no different at Eden Gardens after the 243-run victory over South Africa. The four contenders for the medal were asked to stand in a circle by the sight screen and a camera buggy panned on each player before freezing on the eventual winner, captain Rohit Sharma. Below are the other the medal-winning announcements.
In Mumbai, after a massive win over Sri Lanka, local boy and World Cup winner Sachin Tendulkar announced the medal winner - Shreyas Iyer.
In Lucknow after India's 100-run win over England, Dilip plunged the whole stadium into darkness before lighting up the winner's name - KL Rahul.
In Dharamsala, after they beat New Zealand, he got the Spidercam to deliver the medal to Iyer.
In Pune, after India's seven-wicket win over Bangladesh, he announced Ravindra Jadeja's win via the giant screen on the ground.